Friday, December 13, 2013

HOPE Musical Concert - 15 December @Canning Garden Methodist Church

Our church will be having ' HOPE ' musical concert on 15 December. It is a fund raising concert for our  " Lighthouse Street Ministry ".  The funds is to fund all the meals given to the street people who has no home or family to go to.  Tickets are from RM500 to RM30  . Most of the tickets are already sold off :)  Time to do charity since it is Christmas.  A time of giving love .  Our music ministry is helping out with the stage decoration and preparing the sound system plus equipment.  We are pleased that the we managed to get the stage subwoofers for sale at musicians friend early this year.  These PA speakers are designed to handle low pitched bass frequencies. The musical will be a success with such good stage PA speakers.  We  pray for fine weather this coming Sunday.

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