Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Internet Marketing For Small Businesses

Businessmen are busy people.  My brother runs a small business and he has to do everything himself. He deals with import and export of dried food stuff. Business is slow and he is not happy at the way things are going.  He has to think of new ways of reaching out to the international market. His business is listed in the yellow pages but it does not seem to increase his business at all.  After consulting a few business friends, they told him that the yellow pages are things of the past.  In a high tech world, people go to their PC or smart phone to search for products they want.  They don't dig into yellow pages anymore.  They recommended that he log in to http://www.RevLocal.com and see what they have to offer him.  

RevLocal.com  helps small businesses achieve better visiblity in internet marketing. Their methods of local search marketing provides a better penetration and search results on Google Plus Local, Bing Local, Yelp, and many, many other directories.  They cooperate the listing data to reach hundreds of directories with their clients lastest data updates . Services offered also include the following - a granular, local approach to PPC campaigns, with full data analytics, landing pages and conversion rate optimization. And a  Full WordPress website development with local SEO and mobile as a focus.  This also include Social Media Management, Content creation, and graphic design done in a way that local search prominence is a constant frame of reference.  I believe with the help of RevLocal.com , my brother will be able to project his company to a more competitive front.

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