Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Piggy Jo And Her Swarovski Crystals Craze

My Piggy Jo is crazy over Swarovski crystals.  She loves them to bits and she is thinking of getting some fashion jewelry for herself and some as Christmas gifts for her loved ones...meaning me? :) She showed me this website  that has some sales going on.  I like what I see. I saw this beautiful snowflake bangle bracelet and I fell in love with it...ohhhh temptation temptation and without me knowing , I added it to my cart..hahaha WB will jump when the statement comes :p But he has not seen what Piggy Jo ordered for herself yet, he will jump higher when her statement comes.  Nope , I was just kidding. She ordered a few  Swarovski crystal earrings and a pendant Forever Mom Necklace.  I guess that must be for Christmas pressie ?  Wait , I shall know when Christmas Day comes :)

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