Monday, December 9, 2013

The Hustle And Bustle Of Christmas Season - Fruit Cake

As you know Christmas is just 3 weeks away and I have been busy baking fruit cakes as gifts for friends and loved ones.  They love my fruit cake and every year without fail ,I will bake as gifts for them.  Besides baking fruit cakes, I baked cookies and store them in beautiful jars as gifts when I visit my relatives during the Christmas holidays.  

After every baking session , the kitchen will be messy and especially this year, after my surgery, WB is looped in to help with the baking and you can imagine the scenario.  He uses every thing his hand can grab. The numbers of mixing bowls and baking utensils he uses filled up the sink . I know he will grumble if I were to ask him to do the washing as well .  He hates washing the dishes when they are greasy.  Thus the only way to make things easy for both of us is to dump all the greasy utensils and mixing bowls into the dishwasher . Washing up at the sinks has been proven to use on average more water per place setting than washing by hand. I know that I can save energy if I were to use the dishwasher . I just need to load a dishwasher and make things easy for WB :)  It is a blessing to have a dishwasher at home and when we have parties and for instances like this, why not leave the grottiest of all tasks to a machine, so we can be more productive and enjoy some much deserved time together after a hard day of baking :)

I am happy to say this, finally, all the fruit cakes are wrapped up in foil and letting them matured in the fridge. Every two days, I will sprinkle rum on them so that by the time they are delivered to my relatives, the cake will taste good !  I am sure my relatives and friends are waiting patiently for this gift :)

Recipe taken from Joyofbaking

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  1. yummylicious! take a lot of work to make this

  2. Very efficient! I think I too can start baking and keep mine for CNY lol!

  3. Lovely and simple for me is best too! Hope you have a great holiday!