Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The Ultimate Look For Me?

Well, everyone is complaining about my looks. My friends just cannot accept that I looked young but having silver threads all over.  They lectured me on my looks and ask me to go for a total restyling of my hair.  I told them off and say with the wide range of wigs and hair pieces, why do I need to dye my hair to look young.  I can just log in to http://www.ultimatelooks.com/ and have a look at their beautiful hair pieces. I can choose whatever style I want and I can have great hair everyday !  Dye the hair every now and then will have me bald in no time as my scalp is sensitive to the chemical in the hair dye. Now with this new trend of hair styling and hair pieces, we do not need to dye our hair.  We can have any style we want and have great hair everyday :)

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