Saturday, January 25, 2014

Audio Technica M2

You must be wondering what is so good about this Audio Technica M2 In-Ear Monitor System .  I just came to know more about this monitor system from  Peter , our sound engineer .  He recommended to our music director this wireless monitor system. He said that we should get audio-technica m2 for our church stage .  Our youth singers would be glad to have it for it delivers professional performances giving accurate mix without problems of feedback and clutter caused by floor monitors. The system comes with EP 3 headphones , M2T stereo transmitters, and M2R stereo receiver . Using the M2R stereo backpack receiver will ensure that you hear yourself accurately and allows you to hear yourself better at lower volumes, protecting your ears and providing the monitoring quality you need to perform your best.  Mmmm, this is interesting and for me, Peter is truly a great sound engineer and advisor to our music ministry.

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