Wednesday, January 22, 2014

I Am The Happiest Momsie When My Piggies Are Back :)

Piggy Jo and Piggy Josh were back last weekend for an important function :)  My lastest addition to the Piggy family is Piggy Bunny and we had a wonderful weekend.  We tried out most of the food in town and I baked a cheesecake for dessert. Truly I feed my piggies well , there is no doubt about this or they are not called my Piggies.

Josh will entertained us with him strumming his guitar and crooning away to our delights. He can sing well and at times I thought he sounded like John Mayer LOL!.  Daddy WB asked him to get  excellent shadow sh 145 acoustic pickup the next time he visits a music store when he is back in the Lion City. I don't really mind if he spends his wages on some musical stuff.  I am the happiest Momsie on earth when my Piggies are back home with us. My boy loves music before he entered school and today , he plays the piano and the guitar very well.  He told us that the next time he comes back , he wants to ship back his electric piano to the Lion City instead of getting a new one mmm I think it is a great idea to ship to his new place instead of getting a new one :)  Today they have all gone back to their respective home an now the house seem quiet without my Piggies. I guess I have to learn how to occupy myself when the nest is empty...yea baking more cakes and cookies would be the best solution :)

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