Sunday, January 5, 2014

Making My Blog Popular

Many of my blogger friends have told me that I need to make my blog popular.  It just means that I need to engage a SEO expert for advice on how to further raise my rank so that more sponsors and advertisers will look for me.  Getting a local seo package will surely boost up my google ranking for my blog in a short period of time .  Being a SEO illiterate, I do not understand much about the techie language and being not able to understand the instructions, I might make a mess if I would to do it myself. 

Thus, I rather engage an expert to do it for me. Seriously, I do not mind spending a bit more on getting the expert to do it for me.  I am sure many bloggers out there are like me, scared to make changes and afraid to mess up our blogs.  I thanked my blogger friends for sharing their experiences with me, thus now I know more about google ranking and search engine visibility score and meta tag analyzer .  After hearing so much from them, I know I really have to seek help from SEO expert if I want to be ranked higher ! :)

1 comment:

  1. Hi Elin,

    Speaking of SEO and popularity, there is no direct relationship of how SEO can make your blog more popular. SEO would however make it easier for your potential readers to find your blog.

    As for SEO skills, no worries on that. I've looked at your blog and there is just minor things to fix but there is no need to it at the moment as the impact of fixing it is not significant yet.

    However, to make your page popular it is rather simple. Content, content, content. For readers, it will always be your content being relevant to them that attracts them. They won't come to your page and say "wow, awesome SEO job done here". No worries Elin, deliver the contents that your current and potential readers love and it will suffice:)