Monday, January 13, 2014

New Zealand On My List To Visit

My friend Miss Tan spent a vacation holiday in New Zealand last month ,and came back with lots of to tell about her recent trip there. Listening to all  her adventures in New Zealand,  I have put New Zealand as a must visit country in the near future.   I  did some research on the country and found out that New Zealand is an island country located in the Southwestern Pacific Ocean. It has a rich and fascinating history, has a mixture of Maori and European culture. History has it that the Maori were the first to arrive in this island country, journeying in canoes from Hawaiki about 1,000 years ago. It was Dutchman Abel Tasman , the first European , to have visited the country but it was the British who made the country part of their empire. For me, it is always good to study and know the country before travelling there and that is what I am doing now.  Doing my homework first before I step foot on the country :)    The amazing Maori history sites and taonga (treasures) and the beautiful colonial-era buildings are dotted throughout the country and these places that will surely intrigue my family.

There are many things for my children to discover about this fascinating country.  Exploring the magnificient landscape and coastline will excite them. And a long list of thrilling activities for them if they are keen to join us for this coming planned trip to NZ.  WB is looking forward to a more relaxing holiday. Travelling around as I discovered,  will not be a problem for there many campervansfor sale and it would be a great to travel around  NZ in a mobile home. It gives you the freedom to take each day as it comes.  Saving on hotels will definitely allow us to travel to more places.

Trying out the food in all the famous NZ restaurants would be in my itinenary for sure.  Being a foodie and with the intention of opening my own cafe after retirement, I will definitely check out Hot Chef Equipment as recommended by my NZ friends and see what they have to offer . Hot Chef Equipment seems to be the best one-stop online warehouse for commercial kitchen equipment.  Ok , we planned to visit this country together next year and I intend to let Mike and wife knows when we are coming over so that they can make themselves available for us when we are there LOL!  They are Property Lawyers of Auckland . And if WB wants to invest in properties in New Zealand, he can consult my friends for advise on properties in NZ.  Killing two birds with one stone :)

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