Wednesday, February 5, 2014

A Good 2014 For Jackie

As you know I had a meet up with my ex-classmates just a few days before CNY. And everyone had a great start in before the new Chinese calendar.  We gathered to welcome the Horse year and hopefully it will brings Joy, Peace , Health and not to forget to mention WEALTH too :)

Jackie is the luckiest of the whole lot of us.  She has finally settled in Auckland and has even bought landed property over there.  The whole conversations was on her and how she managed to get a great deal for the house.  It really makes us envious.  She has added a new office for her hubby next to her guest room. She ordered the Office Desks during the sale period and got it cheap too.  Let me show you her new office :)

Lucky witch ! She told us that she even pampered herself and bought a warm bean bag chair for watching TV and don't you think we are more envious of her LOL!  and her bean bag chair is blue...hahaha her favorite color as usual !

And with the thousand of dollars saved in mortgage, she added a garden shed to her vast garden from Garden Sheds so that she can continue her gardening hobby and now she told us she is so happy that she can keep all her pots and gardening tools in her new garden shed.  Lots of space to add more gardening tools and her garden looks neat and beautiful...gosh , her story about her house had made us all envious of her and I told WB, lets move to NZ ! WB asked me to dream on...sure I will.  Dreams make us live on with a purpose !  A great start for Jackie :)

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