Wednesday, February 26, 2014

After A Hard Day At Work

Jackie was telling us the other day when we met up that she intends to add a pool in her at the back of her house.  She is lucky that she has a large ground and has space for a pool.  She and her husband have decided to get Sapphire Plunge Pools people to build for them .  Why Sapphire Plunge Pool? She said it can be make to order , energy efficient and it is made in Australia.  Made tough to last longer and backed by Rock Solid Warranties and are protected their lifecare commitment and their powersmart technology provides the cheapest spas on earth.  Wow, with all these benefits , I think they are wise to use Sapphire Plunge Pools.  So much so about their new place and the renovation works at their new place :)

She gave WB a Motomart Ogio Bike Bag as a gift...lucky WB. It has a deluxe main compartment with 240 cubic inches of expansion volume.  Has integrated hidden rain hood and a universal web mounting system for secure attachment.  Has a top organizer pocket and easy grab reinforced handle.  I bet you WB is so happy with it that he can clutch it to sleep instead of holding me close to him LOL !

After all the chit chatting and dunking in all the food...of course Jackie miss all the local food here, we adjorned to have a drink at the beer house :)  The weather is hot and the beer served as cooling tea for us.  Jackie's other half was telling us about his job.  He had a hard time with the construction over there in NZ.  We thought that he had an easy life :)  He said he recently had to supervise a job involving a big project that uses metal steel fabrication and he has to make sure that the metal steel fabrication has to be from or he will get fired :p  Or the client will reject the materials if it is not from Amediate.  So his job is not easy. Has to follow to the dot what the clients want or his construction firm will not get other projects in the near future.  Wow, an interesting time with had with Jackie and the husband.  Hope they will come back for their holiday next year again but I heard that they will be going to Japan for their next holiday :)  They are indeed blessed !

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