Sunday, February 16, 2014

Car Maintenance

Today, I won't be talking about dessert for just a second.  After the meet up with Jackie which has now migrated to Auckland with her family, I realised how blessed I am :)  We were talking about renting cars in Auckland while holidaying in NZ in the near future, topic about cars and maintenance came into the picture.  Renting a car , we do not have to worry about maintenance, for the car rental will see to it that their cars are in tip top condition. 

Jackie ,being a woman has to see that her car is in tip top condition because her husband is a business contractor and he has to assign Jackie to see to the family car.  She will normally send her car for maintenance once a year at her nearest workshop.  She told us that she make sure her car absorber and tyres are in good condition.  Tyres in Auckland comprises of many brands and she makes sure she purchase the best.  If the short absorber are worn out, not only the tyre's and suspension will wear quicker, you and your car passengers will be at serious risk of injury or even death.  Jackie said that shock absorbers that are worn out reduce the holding on the road and thus will increase running costs and passenger comforts.  The car ride will be bumpy and imagine how discomfort your passengers will get when they travel in your car with a worn absorber . Shock Absorbers are a vital part of your car suspension system and once the car is bumpy , you will know that it needs changing to a new pair.

Safety on the road is most important . After hearing all this from Jackie , I realised I am indeed very blessed for WB sees to the car maintenance all these while.  I am always being chauffeured around and I need not have to worry about car maintenance at all :)  But Jackie is a very independant woman and she knows everything about her car and in a way she is blessed too.  If I were to drive without any knowledge of the car, I would not even notice if the shock absorbers or the tyres need a change. And how much risks I would be putting my family on the road.  Thank God, WB is there to see to everything for me.  Anyway ,I think it is about time that I learn something about the car and its maintenance LOL!

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