Wednesday, March 5, 2014

After A Hard Day At The Office

I know I am always ranting away and for no reason, not even related to food or dessert, I am crapping away like nobody business.  I need a break and I am thankful I have a blog to write out my frustrations or happiness.  A space I call my own whereby I let out my steam from the inside.  After a hard day at the office, attending project meeting and talks on steel supplies and fibre optic cables at - and what not. I am actually tired out by the end of the day.  Engineers will be voicing out their displeasure about the contractors supplying not up to standard building materials. And our Architects joined in and complained that the contractors are also not following according to our plans on certain toilet accessories.  Whoa...for me, I had to take note and go back write reports on what had been discussed in the meeting.

Reached home, got a call from Piggy Jo asking me about wedding ribbons and wedding related stuff.  I was tired but her call really cheers me up and I told her to go to this website and check out check out these wedding ribbons  . Who knows, she may like the wedding ribbons there and when she is in Melbourne this May , she may want to bring some back with her.  She is going there for a four days conference relating to her research :)    I know she has a lot of things on her mind of late and my information will be a good help to her.  Save her time and energy searching for a place to get beautiful wedding ribbons :)

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