Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Apple Roll

I used to bake bread, buns and rolls a lot for my Piggies when they were in college.  But now they both are adults , so eating buns is not their cup of tea anymore :p  so I seldom bake buns . I do bake bread though coz I still prefer homebaked breads compared to those sold in the store.  I love this rolls with apple slices in it. I took this recipe from a Japanese website and have it translated.  It turned great. Healthy and something different from the everyday bun we eat :)

Hmmm…frankly speaking I suck when it comes to rolling a swiss roll or a bun roll :) had a hard time rolling the apple roll but eventually managed to get it done. Since this is the first time trying out this recipe, I was quite happy with the result…meaning I managed to get it cut into 8 equal parts of 2 inch length . Placed them into a well greased pan and let it proofed for another 30 minutes the 2nd time. Baked them for 20 mins and tada the buns turned out soft and fluffy and the caramel apple slices were tangy- ly good and not burnt.  This is another Japanese bun to be recommended to my readers. The apple slices complemented the rolls well.  If you love buns, you should try this out....yummy !

The apple slices complemented the rolls well :)
the soft and fluffy texture with the tangy apple slices
..a good combination

Apple Roll ( translated from this website)


170 gn high protein flour
40 gm low protein flour
6 gm yeast
42 gm sugar
2 gm salt
11 gm skim milk
21 gm unsalted butter
42 gm egg
92 gm water

Apple fillings ( caramelized it)

1 apple cut into slices
40 gm sugar
2cc lemon juice
100 cc water


Knead dough like normal bread making. Flatten dough on a greased baking pan and cover with cling wrap. Leave to rise till double in bulk (50 mins) Then roll thin and put the apple filling on the surface of the dough sheet. Leave 1” around and brush the edges with water. Roll into a roll and cut into 6 ( 8)pieces equally. Place them in a greased round baking pan and bake at 180º C for 20 mins.


Have a bun-bliss day ^ *

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  1. How to caramelize apples? Did u use red or green apples?