Sunday, March 16, 2014

Time Flies And Our Baby Is Married !

I still can't believe that my baby girl is now married on paper :) Yess....she and her bunny got themselves registered at the Registry Of Marriage  2 months ago that was 2 weeks before our CNY celebration.  They have been dating for 8 years  and it was time to get marry. The marriage ceremony will be held later because she is still doing her PhD and will only graduate in a year's time.  In this modern time, the couple will have their pre wedding photo taken at the park and no more at the studio.  My time, WB and myself had ours taken at the photo studio LOL!

And photographer for that day was her most loved brother Josh . And Josh's fiancee is her make up artist for that day.  She put a very beautiful flowing gown which made me a princess for the day.  I will share her secret with you...shhhh...On that day. she put on the  best bra and the best body shaper to go with her beautiful gown thus making her gown falls nicely on her body :)  They truly did wonders to her slightly plump body and all her photos turned out perfect well.  She looked the radiant bride and the peach color of her gown really did wonders for her and  her make up artist did a great job for her and making the most beautiful girl at the ROM that morning.

Her ROM day made WB and myself  the  happiest parents  and we realised our little girl is now married ! :) 

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