Monday, March 10, 2014

Wedding Bells....

When I think of my darling girl's ROM, I remembered a friend  whose daughter got married in the States just recently and being the excited mother, she started her preparations a few months earlier.  All the chinese customary stuff and we were all laughing at her excitement.  She had all the stuff packed nicely to fly them across to the States.  Her daughter stayed in Michigan and you can imagine all the boxes of wedding stuff....customary exchanges to the groom side.

Upon her arrival at her daughter's place she was amazed at how the daughter had everything under control and had a wedding planner to do all her preparation for her :)  And my poor friend here was worried that her daughter doesn't have any helper...instead she has signed up for the wedding packages in Grand Rapids Michigan .

And the packages includes their wedding reception in Grand Rapid Michigan  and they got a very good discount coz they were early birds.   Ballrooms in Grand Rapid Michigan are affordable and it would be great for the invited guests.  There will be dancing after the ceremony and dinner.  I look forward to my own daughter's wedding ceremony.  I hope it will be soon...can't wait for the ceremony * wink

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