Friday, April 18, 2014

Happy Easter With Brioche Style Hot Cross Bun

Happy Easter to all my Piggies, friends and my readers who celebrate and remember this special day.  The day God gave us his only begotten son in order that we are redeemed. Thank you Father God for this precious gift. 

I made these hot cross buns using the brioche dough.  Soft and buttery....mmmmm  love it !  Brioche dough needs a few proofing times and it was worth the effort.  Fragrant too.  Had this for breakfast and WB wolf down a few LOL!   It goes well with marmalade.  I had a wonderful breakfast this morning  :)  

Before and after applying the marmalade glaze
the glaze gave the buns the shine they deserved :)

soft and I used cranberries and currants
soaked in vanilla extract...mmm yummy!

so cottony soft and it !
no wonder WB wolfed down the whole lot

it took me 6 hours to prepare these buns...brioche dough needs lots
of proofing time

I could not resist taking another shot of my last bite
so cottony soft and buttery flavor
I used Tatura unsalted it !

Enjoy and have a blessed Easter Holiday !

* No recipe because of copyright 


  1. Happy Easter to you Elin ! Hope you can share this with us at International Yeasted Recipe # April. But the April event is going to run without the photos.
    Enjoy & have a wonderful weekend.
    Blessings, Kristy

    1. Thanks Kristy...I will give April a miss :) Will join in next month...I have a lots of yeasted recipe that will be showcase next month :)