Friday, April 18, 2014

Just For Our Knowledge :)

I was chatting with a friend on skype the other day and she was happy to hear that I will be retiring soon.  Thus the subject of how I will be spending my free time. I told her gardening and baking at home will be first priority before travelling taking 3rd place.  Of course baking at home will be the no 1 thing I will be doing as soon as I retires.  Of course I asked how she is doing and what is the hottest happening now on her side of the world :)  

She told me about this buy back industry that is the hottest topic on her side of the world. Her husband is one of the sellers for this buy back industry.  Here is a little bit of  information to be shared out with my readers.  There is this smartphone buyer company that has been providing electronics buy-back services to individuals, corporation, government entities, educational institutes and some non -profit organizations.  And this company offers the highest return for device, working, broken or in non working condition. And all shipping costs for your device will be paid by Smartphone-buyer so there are no out of pocket costs incurred by you. And the best thing is there is this bonus plan, one per day and once per week and  will randomly select an order that has been approved for payment.  The monies will be paid either to your paypal account or  via check. But then of course Sellers must send their devices to to be eligible for the bonus payment. Wow...isn't this awesome !  I told my friend that her husband is lucky to be randomly picked as one of their sellers to get the bonus of  $100 added to his iPhone4s  payment. 

She told me that this is the hottest topic she is sharing with me :)  Well, good news are to be shared !

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