Saturday, April 26, 2014

Pets And Their Common Skin Problem

My neighbor has a pet cat and it is always resting on our divider wall.  I love the cat for its beautiful fur and its tri color stands out ...sometimes it looks like a baby tiger cub resting on our fence wall. My dog Bear likes to make friend with the cute little fella. Bear will bark at her and she will miow back . Hahaha animals are cute left to themselves.  But recently my neighbor kept her indoors and the cat is not allowed to come out.  Reason being the cat is having otitis externa  -  inflammation of the internal ear canal caused by bacterial, viral and yeast infections.

WB recommended them Zymox which is used to treat acute and chronic Otitis externa . The medication can be bought  from entirelypets.  The poor cat must befeeling  miserable being kept indoors not being able to exchanged pleasantries with my dog Bear :p  They don't fight dogs and cats like other dogs and cats. They are the best of friends.  Bear will look up at the fencing wall every evening , waiting for the cat to be out but of course Bear doesn't know that her best friend is not well. Hopefully after a week of treatment, she will be able to out again.

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