Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Product Expo Is Beneficial To Us In The Architecture Line

The other day my Architect was asking around for soundproof foam suppliers.  I asked my technician to google for the list of suppliers and to print out for my Architect.  One of the project that my Architect is working on needed such materials for one of the banquet hall. Well, it is good that we have the internet to supply us the list of suppliers.  

I intend to organise a trip to the city for this Malbex Expo 2014 where they showcase the lastest building materials .  It will surely benefits the staff to attend this expo.  We have to be updated on the lastest products relating to architecture and buildings.  I love to attend this expo for my own advancement in this field.  Sometimes, the architect will request for catalogues relating to the lastest soundproof materials and you can imagine if I could not supply him the information.  Well, until I retire, I still have to keep myself updated on these materials :)

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