Saturday, May 17, 2014

Birthday Gift For A Dear Friend :)

Our friend Werner who stayed in NJ has taken an interest in hunting and he goes hunting trip very often with his neighbor who is also a keen game man like him.  And since his birthday is just around the corner, we thought maybe we should get him a trail camera . Werner is now retired and goes hunting more often with his neighbor and WB thought this would be a great gift to give to him for his birthday.  To get a US made one is almost impossible and WB is lucky to find a website that  sell the game camera which is made in the US and he is surprised to find the best hunting cameras here  . 
With this trail camera , Werner will know what animals passes through his hunting ground.  I am sure Werner  will love this gift that WB is going to get for his birthday.  My Piggies called him Uncle Werner and they used to chat on skype whenever they are free.  Uncle Werner and his wife are Christmas angels to my Piggies , for they will send christmas pressies to them every year :)  

I hope he will love this trail camera that we are going to gift him :)

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