Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Buying Properties Rather Than Stocks?

I was not aware that most of my ex-classmates who are financial very sound are all investing in properties . I only got to know of this great discovery when we met last month.  The whole conversation centered around the topic of property investment .   Last year meet up topic was mostly on stocks exchange but his year was even better than last year  Property investment...that is cool !

Wow, a few of them have invested properties in Miami Beach!  Wow, they are rich !!! I asked them why are they investing in such an expensive place and they answered that many people are looking for exceptional homes to rent.  One of the question we asked was how they managed to get such wonderful fine homes in Sunny Isles and Miami Beach and they say it is simple. They managed to get a good and reliable estate agent to get for them the expensive condos along the Sunny Isles Beach.  My classmate ,Fiona, advised us to log in to to find out more about the condos and apartments in Sunny Isles Beach and Miami Beach ,if we are keen to invest in properties.  My classmates will rent out her condo during the summer holidays to tourists who are looking for exceptional fine homes to rent out during their month long holidays.  I think it is good to invest in condos or apartments aound Sunny Isles if we have a big bank account.  Investing in properties is better than buying stocks at this moment.  Of course you do not have to agree with me, this is just my personal opinion :)

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