Thursday, May 1, 2014

Jicama Bao

Made some bao for afternoon tea break :)  Love the vegetables filling.  I can eat three of these delectable homemade bao at one go :p  Seriously, this is a great steamed bun to make at home. It is easy to make and the bao skin is light and fluffy. I took the recipe from Awayofmind Bakery House. It uses just plain flour.  The method of making it is different from my other bao recipe which I had tried out a few times.  I like this method better for the bao skin turned out light and fluffy and it doesn't stick to the teeth.  I will use this method again :)  It uses a sponge dough . Thank you Ah Tze of Awayofmind Bakery House for sharing the recipe. :)

love the skin texture...light and fluffy

Jicama Bao  - adapted from Awayofmind Bakery House

Bao Filling 

1 small jicama, peeled and grated
1/2 carrot, peeled and grated
1 tbsp dry prawn, chopped
some coriander
1 tbsp sesame oil
2 tbsp sugar
1 tsp salt
100 ml water

1. Heat up wok and add sesame oil. Add dry prawn, stir fry for 1 mins.
2.Add grated jicama and carrot, stir fry for 2 mins, then add water, sugar, salt and coriander. After the jicama and carrot are soften, leave the vegetable to simmer under medium heat for another 5 mins. The water should have dry off. Set aside to cool.

Bao Skin

(A) overnight sponge dough

60g plain flour
30-40ml water (used 40ml)
1/2 tsp yeast
1 tsp sugar

(B) Pau dough
110ml water
1/4 tsp yeast
1/4 tsp salt
1 tbsp sugar
2 cups plain flour (used 400g)

Sponge Dough
1. Mix all till form a dough. Immediately store in greased plastic bag (no proving needed). Make a tight knob without leaving any space for the dough. Store in fridge at least 4 hours. It can be kept up to 7 days. 

2. Thaw it for 10-15 minutes at room temperature before use. You can prepare the sponge dough one night before. Tear into small pieces before use.

Pau Dough 
1. Put all ingredients from (B) except flour into a pan. Stir to mix. Follow by pieces of overnight sponge dough. 
2. Add in the flour and knead into a smooth dough. Cover and rest for 10 minutes.
3. Transfer to working surface. Divide the dough into 12 portions and mould into balls. Flatten balls into round shape. Wrap in filling and place on lined paper. 
4. Rest the pau in steamer for 15 minutes.  Apply some oil on the steamer. This is to prevent pau from getting wet at the base during the steaming process.
5.Bring the water to boil. Steam with medium low heat for 10 minutes. Once the steaming time is over, off the heat, leave the pau inside the steamer for 1 minute before open the lid. 

Enjoy !

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  1. Elin, your jicama bao looks so fluffy and yummy!! i am in Qatar where is hard to get baos to eat! missed this so much, have to make it again. Thanks for try out the recipe!

    i am hosting Little Thumbs Up for May, the theme is milk, if you happen to cook or bake anything using dairy milk product you are welcome to link it to LTU.