Friday, May 16, 2014

Mango Swiss Roll

Though swiss roll/sponge cake is the easiest to make compared to other types of cakes , it is not easy to achieve the soft and fluffy texture. The whipping of egg whites with the sugar plays a very important role in getting a soft and light swiss roll or sponge cake . It took me many tries to get to this stage whereby the sponge cake came out soft and light. I remembered the early times I did it, the cake was compact. I even went for classes, came back , tried it many times, still it didn’t come out soft and light like this one. The truth lies with the whipping of the egg whites with the cream of tartar and sugar and the folding in of the two mixture is also very important :)  I like swiss roll for its lightness and you can fill it with any fruits...especially durians :p  

Mango Swiss Roll - adapted from


4 eggs
1/2 cup sugar, divided
1/2 tsp baking powder
1/2 teaspoon cream of tartar
1/2 cup cake flour
3 tbsp vegetable oil
1/4 tsp vinegar/lemon juice
50 ml milk

fresh mango - diced
1 cup whipping cream
3 tbsp icing sugar

Make the swiss roll

Preheat the oven 350degF

Sift the cake flour together with the baking powder twice to airate the flour. Separate the egg yolk from the white and put in two different bowls.

In the bowl with the egg white, add the cream of tartar and vinegar and beat until thicken. Add 1/4 cup of sugar and beat further until the mixture shines.

In another bowl, beat the egg yolk with the remainder 1/4 cup of sugar until the sugar dissolve.

Add milk and vegetable oil into the egg yolk mixture and stir to mix well.

Gently fold in the cake flour mixture into the egg yolk mixture.

Gently fold in 1/3 of the egg yolk flour mixture into the egg white until blend. Repeat with the remainder of the egg yolk in 1/3 portions.

Pour the mixture into g greased or parchment paper lined 10″x15″ jelly roll pan for the swiss roll.Bake the cake in the preheated oven for 16 minutes for the jelly roll pan. 

Invert the baking pan on a rack and let the cake to cool off completely.

Beat the whipping cream with icing sugar until thicken. Remove the cake from the baking pan and turn it over onto a piece of parchment paper. Spread the cream mixture on the cake surface evenly. Lay pieces of mango on top of the cream evenly.

Use the parchment paper to help to roll the cake up lengthwise.

Pull back the parchment paper as you roll the cake until a cake roll is formed. Wrapped the cake roll with the parchment paper tightly and keep in the fridge for half an hour before serving.

Unwrap the cake roll from the parchment paper. If the cake is cooled properly, the outer layer will not peel off. We do not have enough time in the cooking club to wait for the cake to cool off completely.

Slice the cake with a seranated knife.

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