Saturday, May 10, 2014

My Daily Dosage Of Omega3 Oil !

I have been taking omega fish oil capsules for the past 6 months and I find that it is good and do help me maintain a healthy outlook.  I find that my cholesterol reading is not above border line but is infact below the border line so that means I do not need to take anymore of those statin pills anymore. Yeah, taking omega oil in the right dosage do help me maintain my health. My notice my skin is much radiant and youthful looking LOL! Please , I am not joking, people do comment that I may look at a glance my age due to my not recoloring my grey hair.  But taking a closer look at my skin , I do not look my age ...ahem ahem and I give credit to the fish oil I am skin looks more radiant by the day LOL! really I am not joking.  You want to know more about this omega oil and what are the benefits you get do  and you will know how this omega 3 can help you maintain a healthy body.

WB have to remind me to take the omega oil everyday after dinner. I tend to forget about the 3rd dosage.  We need to take in the correct amount that we need daily or it will not work at all. The pharmacist will teach you how many mg you need a day.   I take 3 capsules a day , one after breakfast, one after lunch and one after dinner which I tends to forget.  Reason being rushing off to watch my Korean drama :p

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