Saturday, May 10, 2014

Pain Relief For Me?

A pain relief magnetic bracelet for me ?  A friend of mine thinks that I should get this magnetic bracelets for my arm pain.  It will helps relief pain .  She sees me in arm in the office while working on my project.  Everything is rush work for me , so I really have no time to rest and with the pain , I still have to go on working :(  

I really dont know much about these magnetic bracelets but after hearing her explanation, I feel that perhaps it is good that I should wear it on my hand everyday so that it will relive me of my chronic pain on my shoulder and arm.  It will somehow give the wearer the  strength plus balance and the wearer will get pain relief in seconds.  I have seen people wearing these magnetic jewelry , some wear them on their ankles and some as necklaces.   These magnetic jewelery are so well designed that you won't even know it is for health purposes but rather think it is good piece of fashion jewelry. 

After hearing about this fantastic magnetised bracelet and necklace...I think I am sold and I will check out the designs of these bracelet and pick one that looks fashionable on me :p 

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