Saturday, May 17, 2014

Parent's Day Gift - Angove Organic Merlot

Piggy Jo came back to celebrate Parents Day with us and it was thoughtful of her and SL to make time for us. Piggy Josh could not make it because he is tied up with a few important projects in Singapore but he phoned to wish us Happy Parents Day.  Every day is Parents Day because my Piggies called us every day to chat with us and update each other :)  Parents Day is created to celebrate both Mother And Father's Day.  

Besides taking us out for a scrumptious dinner , Piggy Jo and SL bought us 6 bottles of Angove Organic Merlot as Parent's Day gift. WB and yours truly of course fell in love with our first sip of this dark purple/red in colour wine. Love the subtle fragrant of mocha, plum and chocolate ,and the mocha oak note is a force on the dry and tannic palate, finishing with a little savoury bitterness and . Piggy Jo told us that the grapes for this wine were sourced from Angove's own Nanya Organic vineyard located in the vicinity of the township of Paringa. It is grown without artificial herbicides, fertilisers or pesticides and this wine is as nature intended - pure and clean and crafted with just the gentlest touch from the Angove Family Winemakers from South Australia. WB asked where the Piggies bought this great wine and SL told us that he ordered from Jim's Cellars.  We took two bottles of the red wine to the restaurant and we had a wonderful dinner with the accompaniment of the red wine.  A toast to all parents ...A Blessed And Happy Parents Day .

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