Saturday, May 24, 2014

Soft Drawer Slides For My Kitchen Cabinet

When I have the cabinet built for my kitchen, I did not ask the cabinet maker to add in the long drawer slides for every cabinet drawers thus making it hard and heavy for me to open the drawers each time I wanted to take my food props out from the cabinet drawers. So, last month I ordered some soft long drawer slides from this particular website that provides all types of drawer slides for the kitchen cabinets and have them fixed up by WB. Okay, dont envy me, he did a great job and now the drawers slide out smoothly . My food props are heavy thus this drawer slides makes it easy for me to take them out each time I need to use the props for my food photography.

Now I can enjoy taking out my props when they are buried deep inside the drawer. These slides help tremendously and I dont need to call WB to help hold the drawer for each time I need to take something out from the drawer.  The slides has ball bearing that helps slide the drawer out effortlessly !

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