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I love Takoyaki and I never miss eating it whenever I am at the KL shopping Mall.  I was recommended to make this many years ago from Robert Guilles and being not able to get a electric takoyaki hot, I did not make it then but last weekend, I managed to make do with a local cast iron kuih bahulu cake mold. The takoyaki balls may not be a perfect round but not to worry, shape is not important, the taste and flavor is the same as those soldat the Mall . Infact , homemade ones has more octopus fillings :)  You can try this recipe if you too like takoyaki made from home :)  My next one will another takoyaki ...different recipe. So stay tuned...coming up next.

my fillings are slightly different
I used chuka idako and
shredded cabbage and carrot...pour another tbsp of
batter on top to cover the shredded veggies

then flip it over with two skewer toothpicks

When it is cooked on both sides, take out and brush
worchestershire sauce on and garnish
with bonito flakes and seaweed and japanese mayo

simply delicious!

Once again, thanks Robert for this awesome recipe:))))

Takoyaki - adapted from ShizuokaGourmet


Boiled Octopus: 1 tentacle * I used ready made chuka lidako
-Flour: 1 cup/200 ml=110g
-Baking powder: 1 quarter of a teaspoon
-Salt: 1 pinch
-Egg: 1
-Dashi Stock (seaweed or fish): 300 cc
-Dry seaweed powder, green laver (“aonon”) (to taste)
-Katsuo Bushi/Dry bonito shavings (to taste)
-Worcester sauce (to taste)
-Ketchup (to taste)
(or okonomiyaki sauce instead of two above)
-Tempura scraps (“tenkasu”) : 1 handful
-Red pickled ginger (“beni shoga”): (to taste)
-Chopped thin leeks (to taste)
-Mayonnaise (to taste)


Cut boiled octopus into 5~7 mm cubes/bits. If you prefer to have only one bigger bit in the middle of the dumplings, cut accordingly.

In a bowl break the egg, add dashi, chopped pickled red ginger (Omit if you serve to children), and salt. Mix well.

Add flour and baking powder. Mix wel a if to attain a pancake batter.

Heat the takoyaki hot plate and oil well.

Pour in takoyaki batter inside holes from center to outring (important).

Do not worry about spilling batter between holes as it will be folded inside the holes later!

Put octopus bits (2~3 small bits or 1 large bits) in the middle of each hole.

With the pick drag excess batter over each hole and flip every bowl around inside its hole.

Keep flipping dumplings over until they attain a beautiful uniform light brown colour.

Transfer to serving plate and brush an equal amount of Worcester sauce and ketchup (you may mix both beforehand or use an okonomiyaki sauce) over each dumpling.

Do not be afraid to brush plenty of it!

Sprinkle plenty of dry seaweed and dry bonito shavings all over them.

For a final touch ( if you so like ), add chopped thin leeks, tempura scraps and mayonnaise!

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