Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The Mind Of A Seven Year Old.... How F1 drivers Bring In Their Racing Cars !

My nephew is a very talkative boy and he has lots of questions to ask every time we see him :) We nicknamed him " Mr.know all " .  Each year when we meet up for our reunion dinner , he is the one that keeps the conversation going as they rest of us will be too busy eating and enjoying the food served on the table.

I remembered last year at our reunion dinner, he popped the question on how are imported cars shipped into the country.  This nephew of mine is only seven years old and he is already talking about the importing of cars into the country.  He loves cars and car racing especially.  He asked how those F1 drivers bring in their cars for the competition.  I leave that kind of questions to my two brothers to answer him. I was too busy entertaining my other sister-in-laws that comes back only once a year for the reunion dinner but that doesn't mean I don't eavedrop :)  The father of this nephew told his son that the F1 drivers will ship their racing cars by car container shipping and it has to be an  International Auto Shipping Company.  And this got the little fellow interested and a whole bunch of questions just keep coming out of the 7 years old.  LOL! Lucky for me, I don't have to answer this young and nerdy seven years old !  I just eat and eat and enjoy every mouthful of home cooking.   When my brother cannot answer his son, he will ask the son to just eat and forget about asking question.  Food is more important ! LOL!  That is the only way to escape a question that is hard to explain :)

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