Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Wall Decorations For My Kitchen And Bedroom

WB and myself are thinking of redecorating the house when I retires in a few months time..:p actually 7 months from now.  But time flies so it is good to plan what needed to be done to the house.  I was thinking of redo the kitchen and have stickers decoration for the walls.

Talking about wall decoration stickers...I came across some very nice ones from this website that offers beautiful wall decoration of  flower designs and lettering . They have wall quotes that are inspirational. I showed some of their quotes to WB and he loves this the most.." Laundry Today or Naked Tomorrow! LOL! I love that too.  When my Piggies come home on their next trip they better look at the quote which I am going to purchase and put it up on their bedroom wall.  And the best thing is you can even create your own quotes.  Well, I definitely will think of one that is good for the family.

And maybe, we can redo the wallpaper for our bedroom.  Their flower wall decals are beautiful too. I think I will ask Joanna to choose one for us.  We can do it ourselves when the Piggies are back.   Maybe Piggy Jo may want some for her own bedroom. The flower designs will surely brighten up her room and it is indeed good to wake up to a cheery and bright flower decorations .  Mmmm...well I will confirm the designs and add it to the cart.

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