Friday, May 16, 2014

When I Hit My Sixtieth Birthday And Young No More ........

We started to worry about our old age when we hit the fiftieth birthday few years ago. :(   I don't know about you but WB and myself definitely have this feeling of not wanting to grow old and wishing time will stay still.   Illnesses will start to creep into our lives and we will be started on medication by our doctor . And by the time we hit our sixtieth birthday we will be starting to feel tired and the body may not be energized as before and we will be too frail to look even look after ourselves by the time we hit seventy.  Our children would have their own family to look after , and some may be living overseas. At the age of seventy ,we might not be able to travel as often as before and visiting them would be difficult. And if they stayed in country with winter, our chances of living with them would be zero as it would be too cold for our age.  We will be better off staying back here in a country with summer all year long.

Good news for us who has children living overseas and not being able to take us along.  With new senior housing care sprouting everywhere, our children need not have to worry much . Thus with us putting up in a well run senior home care , especially one that is being run by people who are advance in technology using assisted living management software to help run their center.  A software that links residents and  pharmacy in real time so that the right resident, medication, dose, time, method, and documentation is delivered, every time. And the senior housing care centre using senior housing software here can retrieve clinical data quickly and securely.  

Our children need not have to worry about settling their aged parents to senior housing care centre that uses this software to run their home.  I know that I will be well taken care of if one day when the time comes I have to settle in one of these care homes that uses this high tech living management software that seamlessly moves clinical care documents between facilities, hospitals, physicians and clinics.  

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