Wednesday, June 4, 2014

A New Timepiece For WB

WB 's watch has been with him for 35 years and it is showing sign of retiring...ahem the time is no more accurate.  It is not the battery fault as he has sent it for repair a few times since last year. It will read 10 minutes slower compared to the actual time.  I am thinking of getting a new timepiece for WB as I think it is about time to change to a newer and more fashionable one . I know he prefers one with a big face . Now what am I do with his old timepiece ? 

I heard that  will buy up old watches that is functioning and those not functioning ones too.  They have their own certified watchmakers on site who can repair any used watches that are not functioning or working properly.  All I have to do is to go online fill up their online form and wait for their experts to reply our inquiry with a free prelimnary quote .  After that we can request for a secure easy ship box + shipping instructions for risk free fully insured delivery. And the third step is to wait for a final quote and upon receipt of our timepiece, photowrist will inspect the timepiece and upon confirmation , a price will be quoted and payment will be made immediate either by Fast Cash, Bank Wire or Check.  Sounds great.  I will discuss with WB on this.  His timepiece still has value despite the fact that it is not in good working condition. Buying him an expensive new timepiece will materialise with this good deal :)

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