Thursday, June 19, 2014

Automobile Engineer Cum Businessman

My colleague's son has graduated . He majored in automobile engineering and he has no intention to work for companies. Young people have their own dreams.  Dreams of becoming their own bosses ! My colleague was complaining to me that her son should gain some experiences first before joining venture with another graduate friend.  Well, as far as I am concerned, I have the same  think that young graduates should be exposed to some working experiences in the field they graduates before starting their own businesses.  Anyway , my colleague can't do much as the son has already made up his mind and as parents, she and her husband have to support his plans.  

He is opening an automobile workshop in the city with the lastest auto equipments from . He managed to get some of the best automobile equipments from this website with the financial help from the dad :) and hopefully the equipments will arrive in time for his official opening of his workshop early next year.  He is trying hard to get some experienced workers from reputable to come over and join his workshop.  Well, I guess with just 7 months to go, he has to really offer a good salary or those experienced workers may not be keen to join him . 

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  1. Hi Elin! Young people have idealistic aspirations. They want to climb to the top in the shortest possible time, It is very tough to run your own business as it involves heavy commitment in terms or time and money. Good loyal employees are also very difficult to come by. And to hire experienced people, you need to pay them quite handsomely and especially for a start up business it can be quite tough on the pocket. I hope your colleague's son's business venture works out and I wish him good luck!