Friday, June 20, 2014

Fringed Jute Burlap Tablecloth For Christmas

Okay, I know Christmas is still a long way to go and do you know why I am so excited about Christmas? Because a month after that I will be retiring.  LOL!  There are so much to do and I don't like do things last minute. The first thing I need to do is to look for new curtains, new tablecloths and new cushion covers for my hall set :p  WB will hit the roof when the bills comes.

I saw this fringed jute Burlap tablecloth that comes in two colors , natural jute and cream white . I am so in love with them but I can't decide which to order for my dining table. I have to show Jo the website and ask her to pick the color for me :p .  You can check out if you are keen in jute material tablecloths. Actually this jute material is the hottest textile and is trendy since 2013. It adds a rustic and elegant touch to any special event...mmmmm perfect for my christmas dinner when my Piggies comes back to celebrate with us :)   Can't wait for Christmas to come as it means I will be nearer to retirement!

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