Monday, June 16, 2014

Invitation To A Birthday Party Next Door :)

My left side neighbor is hosting a buffet party at their home tomorrow night.   They feel that it will be much more fun to have their close friends and relatives gathered together at their home instead of having the party held at some restaurant.  My neighbour has a bigger compound than ours because theirs is a corner house with a big side garden. They have invited us to join their family celebration. We found out the party is for their second son's 18th birthday .

The caterer came to arrange the tables and chairs for the party in the morning.  I was doing my gardening at that time and I as usual my curiosity make me peep over the wall to see the workers at work.  The workers are very good at their job and in no time, they have the tables and chairs set up. I was surprised that their tables are covered with premier table linens  and with skirting around the tables.   I am sure the party will be a great success and I look forward to the buffet dinner ...mmmm I am a foodie and of course I love food whether they are served at home or at the restaurant.

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