Thursday, June 19, 2014

Oreo Chocolate Doughnut

I love doughtnut in its simple form but I also like it frosted or dip them in chocolate and coated with ground oreo biscuits :)  My piggies love them with frosting and covered with chocolate :)  they used to say these are like Dunkin Donut hahaha I love every compliment from them :) Children say the darnest thing but mine say the cutest thing about my donut :) This recipe is taken from the Cadware Baking Cookbook which I bought sometime back and it is really good.  Soft and fluffy and those to die for oreo chocolate coating ...Yum!

easy to make and taste good with or without any coating/frosting

love decorating the doughnut...I consider it pure joy icing the coated top

look so pretty with the white chocolate drizzles :)

Oreo Chocolate Doughnut - adapted from Cadware Baking Cookbook
Basic doughnut
130ml  fresh milk
4 gm instant yeast
1 (60gm) egg  - Grade A
250 gm high protein flour
50 gm plain flour
20 gm custard powder
4 gm salt
35 gm caster sugar
25 gm anchor butter


 1.      Dough : Mix ingredients A. Place ingredients B in a CW electonic Food processor & Blender ( I used Philips food processor ). Use double-bladed steel knife to blend. Add ingredinets A, blend well until a soft dough is formed (takes about 2 minutes )
 2.      Cover dough with a damp cloth, leave it and let it rise in a warm place for 20 minutes before cooling it in refrigerator for 30 minutes.
 3.      Flatten chilled dough to 1cm  thick.  Press into identical doughnuts with a mould. Line them on a tray and leave them to prove for another 30 minutes. ( I left it to  prove for more than 50minutes for I was busy watching American Idol  :p )
 4.      Deep fry the doughnut rings in preheated oil until golden on both sides.

Orea chocolate coating


( A   150 gm – cooking chocolate ( I use semi-sweet )
( B   120 gm – oreo cookies ( finely crushed )
(     60 gm - white choclate


1.      Melt chocolate ( semi sweet ) and white chocolate respectively over hot water.
2.      Coat the cooled doughnuts with melted chocolate(  semi sweet ) , then coat crushed oreo cookies on top.
3.      Decorate doughnuts with white chocolate lines.

Enjoy !

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