Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Use Family Tree Wall Decals to Give Your Nursery a Different Look

If you want to brighten up the baby’s room with a quick and easy way, then family tree wallstickers are the best idea. Kids always love to have colorful and bright things around them. Hence, every parent wants to make the nursery of their baby lovely and beautiful. If you are going to paint a room, it will be more expensive. There is also a problem that when a kid will grow up his or her taste will also change rapidly. Then you have to change the color every time on a regular basis as the taste of your child changes.

Family tree wall decals are designed in such a way that it can be transferred to another wall or tiles whenever you want to do. So it is the most useful among these types of stickers that if you want to move the stickers from one wall of the room to another wall of a different room, you can change it easily without any wastage.

If you think that the whole tree sticker will be a little big for your wall, you can give some great effects with the part of tree stickers. If you can position the tree at the corner of the wall extending horizontally across the wall, they would look very effective and beautiful. This also will give your room a special effect and funny look to the room.

There are several colors available in the market. Pink, green, blue, black are the common colors available. Mixtures of some pretty colors are also available if you want so. These all colors are perfect for baby’s nursery. If you want to add some more decorations in the room to give it a beautiful and loving look for your kid, you may use some matching accessories, like, throw rugs, pillows, plush animals, bedding set to provide a complete look to the room.

This is not true that tree wall stickers are only used in the baby’s room to decorate; today these types of stickers are used into the walls of the drawing rooms and living rooms also. Though there are several types of tree wall stickers available, the most beautiful choice among them is family tree wall decals. Here anybody can incorporate the photographs of their family members.

These family tree wall stickers will give you the satisfaction to keep the photographs of your family members. You can incorporate the photographs starting from the old aged family member of your family distributing the photographs of the young generation into the branches of the tree will give a special look to your home.
It’s not only kids who love to have Tree wall decals and murals. There are many such wall decals available which are classy enough for other rooms. They would resemble just like paints, after they are applied properly. You may think that setting up a family tree wall sticker in the wall may be a very tough task to do, but it so easy to set up the entire tree into the wall. You can find out different types of family tree wall stickers in different shops. You can also search on the internet to choose and purchase these stickers from different dealers who sales online. But before going to order them you have to be sure about the design of the same and also the size of the sticker that will be set up into your wall. You can also customize your order by giving them the ideas you are thinking. They will easily customize the stickers as per your requirement. But before giving such idea you should have to be clear about the view of the family tree wall art decals  otherwise it may look odd to your wall.

You can easily make family tree wall decals into your home by giving few of your precious time. Through this, you can apply your full idea to make the same. Below are some instructions how you can incorporate these stickers into your home.
Find out a drawing of a tree as you like. It should make sure that the drawing is showing both a brown trunk and some branches from it and also some green leaves. If needed tape some more papers together to enlarge the drawing by copying the picture with a marker pen. Today you can also take a large printout of the same from different copy shops available in the market.
Carefully cut out the enlargement parts of the tree. Use some straight pins to attach it into green and brown felt.
Use Glue
Glue the part of the tree with green and brown onto the background of the parts. Let it dry totally.

Cut the photographs
Measure each photograph of your family members that you want to use on the tree. Use black felt and scissors to make little frames into each photograph. Use normal scissors to cut inside the frame and cut outside edges with scalloped scissors. Glue the frames of the photos and let it dry.
Arranging photos onto the tree
Arrange all the photos of the family members onto the tree. Adjust the spaces you want between photos. If you satisfied with the setting, then you have to glue them onto the place.
Hang the family tree on the wall with the photographs with the help of pushpins. If required use sufficient pushpins to attach the tree securely. But be sure that you are choosing the colors exactly matching the theme of the room. If you complete the total work with full satisfaction, you can obviously give surprise to your family members with a lovely decorated room containing family tree wall stickers.
So this is up to you whether you want to make this by ordering to some professionals doing the same or you can make it by yourself if you can give some time and patience onto it. Both will be looking very good. But if there is some touch of professionals then that should be looking good. As the professionals have the idea on the same more than you and they are doing the job with efficiency on regular basis, it is better to give them the order depending upon your budget to give a complete look to the room. 

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