Saturday, August 30, 2014

Christmas Is Near .... Ho..Ho..Ho

I know it is too early to talk about Christmas...but then Christmas is just 3 months away !!! A lot of planning to do ...Pot Luck party, Christmas Gifts to get and not to forget, getting new decorations for our Christmas tree.  Gee...I am the most happiest Momsie when it comes to decorating our tree... the oldest get to put up the final Star on the tree and since I am older than husband by a few months, I get to decorate the top :p

Every year I will surprise the family by getting new item each Christmas for the tree and they will only know what is the last piece to be put on the tree top :)  Only my daughter knows where I ordered my stuff from.  Ok, I can share with you guys where I usually order from.  I will browse through the website from department 56 dickens village  and then decide what I want before placing my orders.  You can get anything from Christmas ornaments and decorations to Christmas gift from there.  I signed up with them and I get 10% savings which makes me feel on top of the world  :)   

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