Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Musician Friend

Plans for the coming Christmas Harvest is going on and many of us are making a list of friends whom we will be inviting to our harvest party come this early December.  Our cell group will be having the party at our cell leader's home and I will most probably be helping in planning out the menu for the dinner party :)  WB will in charge of the music part.  He is thinking of getting a Fender Passport PA system from  musician's friend for the event. It is lightweight in design with crystal clear sound and easy to use features. Whether the crowd is big or small there is a model to fit the bill , so I think we will have any problem when it comes to getting one for our cell group music worship. The Passport Pro series is not only known for its innovative design but also for its incredible ability to transmit sound.  I am sure this is a great idea to purchase one online and our guitarist and musicians will be happy with it.

For me , I can't wait for Christmas to come faster. Lots to prepare...food and presents are in my list of to do :)

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