Thursday, August 28, 2014

People Who Play Drums Are Intelligent

My son in law once put up an article on people who play the drum are highly intelligent people.  I am glad both my two children all plays drums in church.  On is now doing her PhD in research and the other one who became business consultant in the Lion City...mmmm I am glad that I gave them the freedom to play whatever musical instruments they like.  My girl loves playing the drum when she was in her teens and even now she is always talking about drums and what she wants for the kids to play when they reached the age of five.  Drum set is not expensive when they have offer going on. She intends to one for her home .  She is going to make one room sound proof as her family music room.

I think a happy family is who gathers together and have jamming sessions at least once a week.  A good bonding time for parents and kids.  Don't you think so?   :)

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