Friday, September 12, 2014

Homemade Durian Ice Cream

It was the beginning of durian season when I bought some home to make durian ice cream.  Making ice cream is fun, just like making buns . It is fun fun all the way and the end result is always rewarding. A tub of homemade lip smacking durian ice cream!!!  It was so goood !  You can use ice cream maker or hand whisk or use a food processor...either way, the ice cream taste the same :)

Cooking the custard ( milk and egg/sugar mixture ) gives me a bit of anxiety though…have to be careful of the heat temp  The right temperature is 65-70º C. Over heating (76 º C ) will scramble the eggs. So this was where I have to be on my toes all the time. Stirring and stirring and controlling the heat :)) till I got the right tempterature ( those who have a cooking thermometer will have no problem) but alas I do not own one ..haha have to use my own judgment then.

Photography is one hobby I enjoy beside cooking and baking. Taking snaps of my own creations de-stress me and it always put a smile on my face. I have rooms for improvement in this area. (",) And blogging about the food I have cooked and sharing my joy with others make my life complete. Absolutely fantastic ,the feeling of achievement which money can't buy :))

By the time I managed to get a good shot, I noticed the ices sweating.. shows the amount of time I used to photograph it :):) Anyway the weather was warm and what better way to cool down with this oiishii ices (",)

I used the ' kampung durian ' it taste better and smell good too

Durian Ice Cream


150g sugar
7 egg yolks
370 ml cream
330 ml milk
350g durian pulp – into puree

  1. Put the milk in a saucepan and bring to a simmer.
  2. Remove from the heat.
  3. Beat the sugar and egg yolks together until thick and pale yellow.
  4. Beat the milk into the eggs and sugar in a slow stream. Pour the mixture back into the pan and place over low heat.
  5. Stir continuously until the custard thickens slightly (around 65-70C) and just coats the back of a spoon. Do not over-heat, though, because at around 76C you will scramble the eggs.
  6. Immediately remove from the heat.
  7. Transfer the custard into a small container, cover, and refrigerate until cool (5C).
  8. Add in the durian puree to the cool custard and whip till well mix.
  9. Whip the cream until it has doubled in volume (you should have soft peaks – do not over-whip).
  10. Fold the cream (gently stir) into the custard.
  11. Freeze using a domestic ice cream machine. If you do not have a machine then you can also just cover and place in the freezer, stirring every few hours, and again.
If you are using a domestic ice cream machine, transfer to a freezer-proof covered container when the ice cream has achieved a semi-solid consistency (around 15 minutes). Place it in the freezer, and continue to freeze until it is solid.

To pasteurise the eggs, heat the custard to 73C and maintain that temperature for at least 5 minutes. Use a cooking thermometer, though! If the custard goes any higher than 76C, the eggs will scramble. Immediately cover and place in the freezer until cool.

* If you are a first timer, please halve the recipe. The above recipe makes a full tub size of nestle ice-cream.

Enjoy and have fun !!!!

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