Saturday, September 27, 2014

Meatless Monday For My Gardening Group

My famous Mushroom Quiche
that uses homegrown dills and parsley

My gardening buddies from the neighboring houses gathered every Sunday evening at our little paradise , ( a beautiful piece of empty land landscaped into a beautiful open garden )where we share gardening skills, exchanging flower plants and vegetables plants, weeding together and watering the plants we have sown thus far.  A place to gather and foster good bonding among one another.

One of our fellow gardener suggested we have a party every Monday evening.  A potluck party which she suggested we go meatless...and we can use our garden organic vegetables as ingredients for our potluck dishes.  Mmmm I guess it is a good idea.  I can have meatless Monday recipes as a guide. Yay! it will not be a problem for me as I can use healthy alternatives to traditional condiments for my meatless dishes.  Besides cooking a meatless dish. I think I know what I can contribute from my garden to the party. I will make a salad from the greens that I have grown in containers and I will also bake my famous mushroom quiche for the event beside a meatless main dish.  I am really looking forward to this event. Most of my gardening buddies are in their fifties so reducing meat intake just one day per week can have great impact on our body. 

Going meatless just one day per week is indeed good for our health and the exercises we get from sweating out working in our little paradise, we can look forward to healthier years ahead :)  Cheers to our meatless Monday event !

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