Friday, September 12, 2014

Wedding Gifts !

My Piggy Jo's classmate is getting married soon and she doesn't know what to get for her buddy. I suggested that she get something unique and special. I gave her a few ideas and she is keen to get them Personalized Robes . Now her headache is gone, one problem solved..hahaha wedding gifts is kinda of hard to get for married couples coz they might get duplicate ones.  A personalized robe will good . Not everyone will think of this except JO's momsie LOL!   

Jo has a few weddings to attend and she really doesn't know what to get them.  At least for now, she has one gift thinking what else she can get for the other two couples. I told her why not get them the same personalized robes except different colors and designs for different couples.  Hahaha , she squeal with joy when I suggested that.  Agreeing to what I suggested to her , now all her problem of getting wedding gifts is solved.  Trust this mother of of course !

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