Wednesday, October 15, 2014

How To Create The Perfect Gaming Themed Treats

Organising a party can be difficult, but when you chose to add a theme into your party it can be twice as hard. The rise of gaming clubs and social gaming means more people are choosing parties themed around gambling parties. With the ability to get dressed up, play some casino games and enjoy fun themed food and drinks, it’s not hard to see why. These are a couple of ideas for this, from Vodka Martinis to tasty treats.

Roulette wheel cake

If you get this right, it will look amazing and is ideal for a kids or adults party. 

Bake a round cake about 12 inches in circumferences or maybe two or three thinner ones that can be placed on top of each other. You can chose any flavour you want for the layers or even have a mixture. Then, prepare for the real work to begin! 

You will need coloured icing to do the separate red and black sections (plus the green ones), and although actual roulette wheels have 37 of these, 26 is likely to be a more suitable number for this size cake. After this, you will need a steady hand with an icing pen to add the numbers, using white icing. It’s hard, but worth the effort . 

Poker Chip Cookies

These are ideal for any casino themed party and are straightforward to make. Take a waxed paper cookie sheet and melt some candy melts (the directions for this will be on their bag), before stirring oil in. Dip the sandwich cookies in this melted candy and remove the surplus, before leaving them on the sheet to dry for approximately 20 minutes. Use a brush to add corn syrup around the edges, and then roll these edges in sugar. Finally, use an edible marker to add poker chip numbers and then store in the fridge until your party (full recipe here )

Vodka Martinis

For a strictly adult party, especially one where there is an additional 007 theme, these drinks will be perfect. If you want the Fleming version of this drink, use ¾ oz of dry vermouth and 11/2 of vodka and shake them together with a number of ice cubes in a cocktail shaker. Then strain the drinks into your cocktail glasses and add an olive for garnish . If you want the version favoured by Vesper Lynd , you will need gin alongside the vodka and vermouth.

While putting together a party themed around casino gaming can be a challenge, just don't worry about not knowing any casino games rules  ,
you are bound to hit the jackpot if you offer your guests either (or both) of these delights.

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