Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Music Ministry 2015

Our music ministry for the youth has updated most of their musical instruments.  We are pleased that the youths are doing well in this ministry. We ordered most of our musical instruments from . They have a wide selection of musical instruments and accessories to pick and choose from. Guitar slides are available too.  WB loves this website and he is pleased with the services offered by them.  One good news is , they can ship internationally. So wherever you are , it is not a problem for them to ship your order to you. 

No regrets getting musicals instruments / accessories from Musician's Friend..truly everyone's friend :) We usually bookmarked what the church music ministry needs and when there is an offer, we will straight away place our orders for it.  This is one smart way to save money for the church. Now we are planning for the music ministry and have bookmarked a few items for 2015 :)

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