Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Cabinets In My Kitchen Will Get A New Facelift in 2015 !

The year 2014 is ending soon and I will be retiring soon too :)  Lots of things to do and renovating seems to be on top list for " what to do after retirement "  . The passion for baking and cooking is in my blood and I need I need to remake my kitchen. The most important part of the house for me besides the bedroom :)  

I did a check on my kitchen and I find that many of my cabinet drawers are in bad shape and the surface need replacement.  WB says the drawers need new wood veneer sheets and my cabinets will look new again.  Wow, so a new wood veneer sheets will do the magic for my kitchen ! And the next thing to do is to get a new oven.  My old one is a bit cranky and my cake is either underbake or overbaked :p

Yes, I will definitely have the kitchen cabinets have a new facelift comes 2015 !

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