Tuesday, December 23, 2014

A Whole Month Of Events To Attend :)

This is my random post on clothings…I have a few important function to attend come December.  Christmas party cannot be avoided and wedding dinners at hotel.  Many of my classmates children are getting married and you can guess as much that wedding invitations are coming in and I can’t be wearing the same gown to attend the dinners …right?  I need to purchase at least 6 dresses from the online clothing boutique for these functions.  I have eyed as few beautiful dresses from Prom Dresses UK 2015  and am in love with most of the elegant dresses from this website. I print screened the one that I would love to purchase and sent to my girl and asked for her opinions.  She gave the thumbs up sign…hehehe we both truly are like twins and we both have the same taste and style when it comes to dresses and we don’t differ much with food too.   We both love the same type of bakes and our favourite being cheesecake ... LOL!

Seriously, this gown is so elegant but do you think it is too sexy for me ? * wink …Should I purchase it for my Christmas dinner with my cell group members ?  They are having our Christmas dinner at the local hotel , thus dress code has to be formal.  We have other cell groups combine together for this event. And we have to bring a guest/guests to the function.   This Christmas dinner is actually a sort of harvest event.  I am looking forward to inviting a few of my neighbor friends for this function.  It will be great to have fellowship with them and gifts are being prepared for the guests.  And after which we are to  invite them to our cell meeting.  This is a once a year event whereby we have to bring new friends to the dinner.   WB is also looking forward to inviting a few of his man friends to the event and hopefully we are all successful in bringing new friends for the cell group.  It will means a lot of us to have new friends coming to our cell group meeting.  I have to start sending out invitations to our guests to that they can prepare for the dinner and also to make the date available for them to attend our harvest event.  I am sure they took are looking forward to the event as they will have good food and gifts for that night. We have also invited gospel singers for the night event. Mmmm I want to dress my best and this elegant gown will be suitable for the dinner event ! Check it out here.

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