Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Looking For Black Prom Dresses?

I know I have to digress a bit on clothing instead of some bake stuff, but bear with me for a little while. I need to crap about it coz it is a treasure that I have found this online clothing My ex-classmate from New Zealand is helping her daughter to look for a black prom dress. Her prom event is at year end and when she saw my posts on online clothing, she quickly pmed me and asked me to send the website link to her. We being from the same era, we of course share the same interests and style …nothing surprising though…being from the same convent school. I recommended her the website so that she can check out some elegant Black Prom Dresses . I told her there are many elegant and sophisticated dresses that she can choose from too for herself. I am sure she will love this site. Seriously , if she does not pick this dress, I will definitely add this to my cart when I purchase for my girl !

This black satin is so beautiful and her daughter Grace will definitely look beautiful and will exude an air of elegance. The satiny material looks classy and the cutting is perfect for her slim figure.  The gown looks simple and she will look lovely in it.  I told her all heads will turn when she walks into the function hahaha I am sure all her girl friends will be envious of her when she dresses this for the function . All the boys from her class will be asking for a dance with her :)  I told her expect more dates for Grace after her prom night. LOL! I am serious when I spoke to her about the gown. The boys in the function will wolf whistle her for sure !

I told her shopping online will save her time and energy to go around town looking for a good piece of gown.  And when shopping online we do not need to carry cash with us as we can pay online with our credit card and not only that, we save petrol and the hassle of looking for a parking too.  We have the store serving us at our home…Isn’t this marvelous ?  It is a good idea for busy people like us. You can check it out here

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