Friday, January 16, 2015

New Hair Style For Me :)

As many of you know that I have changed my hairstyle from long to short.  All thanks to my WB's best friend Joe. He did a marvelous job on giving my hair a new look.  Now I do look more neater and edgy . Josh insisted that I should have a complete restyling .  Before that, we were comtemplating whether I should have a perm or have hair extension or have my hair dyed.  He logged in to Pinterest and searched for a short hair style that would would look great on me.  Josh really took an interest in helping me  looking at hair extension website at   which showcase many types of hair extension. 

He thought maybe I would look nicer with some hair extension as my hair was getting thinner and it would be perhaps give some body to my present hair style.  We look through the website and to my surprised finds that they have many lengths available. Seeing that the hair extension is not synthetic but real hair was what made me think again.  Maybe I can have hair extension done and have my hair tied up into a bun., but that would give me a much older look.  My hair stylist told me that short hair would suits me better. I listened to him and finally have my hair cut short :) Even though I have cut my hair short but I still think hair extension is so cool !

Below are some of the hair extension that Josh showed me.  You can colored and styled as desired. They come in different lengths and are all real hair. You can have curly , straight or body wave. 

This is so cool...with these hair extensions, we can have any style we want !

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